Regina AfroFest

Regina AfroFest is an annual outdoor community event that celebrates Africa’s diverse cultures through live music performance, drum & dance, arts & craft, African food and workshops.

The very first Regina AfroFest was held in downtown Regina at Victoria Park on July 5, 2014 and featured both local and international artists with roots in Guinea, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belize, Cuba and Canada. Other performances included a fusion of choreographies from Zambia, Liberia, Kenya, South Sudan and the Caribbean.

Regina AfroFest is organised by AfroFusion Entertainment Inc., a grassroots non-profit organisation registered in Saskatchewan since 2013. The event is designed to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds and particularly to anyone with an interest in world music and culture.

AfroFusion Entertainment Inc. is committed to enhancing the appreciation of African cultures through music and dance in Saskatchewan. We are also committed to supporting and promoting other non-profit cultural activities and events in the province.

Board of Directors

AfroFusion Entertainment Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. The board is constituted by volunteer members with interests in showcasing Africa’s diversity in culture.

AfroFusion Entertainment Inc. is run by the board, led by an Executive Director and supported by a planning committee.

Awelana Akeriwe  Executive Director

Ernest Akeriwe  Board Member, Finance

Kafela Nabina  Board Member, Marketing & Promotions

Jerome Akeriwe  Board Member

Planning Committee

Flany Bah  Stage Director, Production Assistant

Catherine Nabina  Volunteer Director

and all board members

Event Reports