We’re excited to announce the highlights of our 2015 lineup!

This year’s Regina AfroFest brings you sounds and performances from East Africa featuring two talented groups led by accomplished artists Adam Solomon and Casimiro Nhussi.

Adam Solomon Adam Solomon is a multi-talented Juno Award winning musician. Born in Mombassa, Kenya, he began performing at an early age, playing kivoti (flute) and kayaamba (shaker) at village celebrations and festivals. He established his career playing lead guitar and recording with some of Kenya’s most popular bands and musicians, including Joseph Kamaru, Daudi Kabaka, the Mombasa Roots band and more. Adam’s touring credits include workshops and performances with Congolese superstar Papa Wemba and Ismael Lo from Senegal.

Adam sings in six languages, including Swahili, English, and Arabic. Also known as “The Professor”, he’ll be performing at this year’s Regina AfroFest with his multicultural band Tikisa. Together, they’ll create unique sounds that combine traditional and modern coastal East African rhythms, Soukous, Makossa, and Highlife that will keep your body grooving and senses tingling. It is a performance you’ll not want to miss!

CasimiroCasimiro Nhussi is an accomplished musician, professional African dancer and choreographer. Raised in a village in Mozambique, he learned traditional African dance at an early age and is currently based in Winnipeg. His artistic inspirations are from the African cultures & traditions where dance & music are brewed in the same pot.

Performing with NAfro Band, the troupe will sure bring the stage to live with a blend of African music instruments including hand drums, xylophone, mbira, xitende, gangwe and cajon with nylon guitars. Here’s your chance to travel through the different music textures of Mozambique and witness one of Canada’s most dynamic African dance sensation.
The countdown is on and we hope you’ve been practising your African dance moves. If not, that’s fine too because with the lineup we’ve got planned for this year’s festival, you’ll be grooving effortlessly to the beats!

Visit the 2015 lineup page on reginaafrofest.com for details on our full line up.